Welcome to the future

Chat Virtual Ordering Tool(CHATVOT)

is a virtual ordering assistant platform hosted on Facebook Messenger.The platform opens doors to millions of Filipinos who use messenger as it functions even when only using free data,giving a wider access to online reading.


IOT Technology,Incorporated, aims to create a whole new way to order online with a patient and warm integrated AI.

Chatvot works in much the same way as a human manning a restaurant/shops or helpdesk.When a customer opens a chat dialogue to ask for assistance or order something.Chatvot is the medium for responding.

Unlike regular chatbots,Chatvot responds to questions naturally.So,if a customer typed the question 'What time does your store open tomorrow morning',using the information available,Chatvot would immediately respond in the same way as a human would,'Our store opens at 9 am tomorrow morning and closes at 5 pm'

When a customer talks to chatvot,he is also helping it grow so if Chatvot already has sufficinet vocabulary in the 'conversation bank',when a customer asks for any update of the current weather condition in one's area,using the location,a response can be given,in natural,conversational replies.


Ordering through Chatvot is not something customers should worry about.Like the usual modes of payment,Chatvot allows card payment or Cash-on-Delivery("COD").

It may vary depending on the desired payment mode accepted by the clients.

We also make sure that the user information are kept secured and have fully created a way to put emphasis on implementation of security features to ensure the safe transfer of data between our CLIENTS and their CUSTOMERS.


Free to Expand

CHATVOT can understand language,meaning the commands a customer give do not need to be so specific.It gets cleverer the more it is interacted with.

Scripted and Structured

By request from our clients,the conversations with CHATVOT could simply be structured in accordance to its desired function.It may,but not limited to,answer specific questions only,although we are still working on it to be clever enough to engaege in ordinary human conversations.

Prioritized Security

CHATVOT uses two basic processes to ensure security:authentication(the process of verifying a user's identity') and authorization(the process of granting a user permission to execute a given task),depending on the client's request.Before starting any trnasactions,customers are also asked to read terms and conditions.